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The Stock Market’s Hidden Source of Huge, Safe Yields

Dan Ferris | DailyWealth | September 10, 2014

If you want to safely earn big returns in stocks, you should learn the secret behind IBM's huge yield. It can give you a big edge over ordinary investors...  

Exactly Where We Are in This Cycle

Steve Sjuggerud | DailyWealth | September 9, 2014

"Steve, you did some great work on cycles years ago," an attendee said. "So exactly where are we in this cycle, based on the last 100 years?"

Be Prepared… This Will End Badly

Jeff Clark | Growth Stock Wire | September 11, 2014

After Tuesday's nearly 100-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, my inbox was flooded with notes of concern...

A Foolish Mistake by Me… Please Learn from It!

Steve Sjuggerud | DailyWealth | September 11, 2014

You should evaluate every trade you make, both the winners and the losers, to see how you could do it better the next time...

The Story You’re Not Reading About the Marcellus Shale

Brian Weepie | Growth Stock Wire | September 10, 2014

As longtime readers know, the shale boom isn't just about oil. We're seeing a huge increase in natural gas production, too... 

The 'World Dominator' Triumph: More Return Without More Risk

  • Dan Ferris
  • September 12, 2014
Owning these businesses allows you to do something you're not supposed to be able to do...   

A Foolish Mistake by Me... Please Learn from It!

  • Steve Sjuggerud
  • September 11, 2014

Weekend Edition

  • Dan Ferris
  • September 13, 2014
In the December 2006 issue of Extreme Value, I (Dan Ferris) did something I don't usually do: I made a bold call...   

Ep. 252 James Altucher: All In

  • Frank Curzio
  • September 10, 2014
James Altucher, hedge-fund manager and host of the new The James Altucher Show, joins S&A Investor Radio.   

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Porter Stansberry: This is the surest way to make life-changing money in the markets

September 10, 2014
They were the “Mickey Mantles” of the investing world. That’s what they were called in Businessweek magazine. From 1990 to 2004, starting with a base of $5 billion, they earned more than $12 billion in profits. After accounting for new capital into the fund, they earned an average annual return of 16%. No, these guys weren’t hedge-fund…
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Record Low for the Ruble?

September 7, 2014
CCTV America invites S&A Analyst, Kim Iskyan to explain how more sanctions could affect Russia's currency. To learn more about Kim's strategy click here. 
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