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Meet Gold Stock Analyst John Doody

John Doody, editor of the Gold Stock Analyst newsletter, is the single best gold-stock investor we know.
He has a BA in Economics from Columbia, an MBA in Finance, and a PhD in Economics from Boston University, and was an economics professor for almost two decades. John became interested in gold stocks due to an innate distrust of politicians, who for decades have supported policies that weaken the dollar.
He created his own gold-stock valuing system, his now-famous "Top 10 List." John's system helps him find the 10 cheapest gold stocks he believes will outperform the market, which he then publishes each month in his Gold Stock Analyst advisory. From 2001-2010, his "Top 10" returned 1,360%.
His track record is so well-respected, he's been profiled by Barron's seven times, quoted in the Financial Times, and is frequently interviewed on CNBC. He counts several of the world's best-known gold funds and investment managers among his subscribers.
As Porter Stansberry says, "No one in the world knows more about gold- and silver-producing companies than John Doody. No one else even comes close."