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Meet TradeStops Richard Smith

Founded in 2003 by longtime Stansberry Research subscriber Dr. Richard Smith, provides an easy way to track trailing stops in your portfolio.

You see, experienced and professional investors understand that investment opportunities are almost infinite, but investment capital is finite. Stansberry Research believes that your first concern as an investor should be the preservation of capital, and one simple way to do this is by establishing trailing stops for your positions.

Using TradeStops, you can enter each position, the ticker symbol, purchase price, date purchased, and what percentage trailing stop you want to use. TradeStops does the rest. It automatically tracks your positions each evening to see if any stop has been hit or if a new high has been made.

When your trailing stop is hit, TradeStops sends you an e-mail and/or text message alert that evening so that you can take the appropriate action the following day.

TradeStops has been providing thousands of investors with this critical wealth-preservation service for more than five years. It is a fully independent service. The confidentiality of your investments and alerts is fully protected – you can rest assured that no market maker will ever see your stops.

Tradestops is an excellent product for keeping track of all your trailing stops, and one we highly recommend. Dr. Smith and TradeStops offers reduced rates for Stansberry Research readers.