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Meet Jeff Clark

•   Editor of the Stansberry Short Report
•   Editor of the Stansberry Research Pro Trader, Stansberry Research's most sophisticated options trading research service
•   Editor of Growth Stock Wire, a free daily e-letter which provides a pre-market briefing on the best opportunities in the global markets
Jeff Clark is the editor of the Stansberry Short Report, an investment advisory which focuses on short-term options trading.
A longtime Stansberry Research subscriber and Alliance member, Jeff joined Stansberry Research in 2005 after retiring from his private money management business at age 42. Not only is Jeff one of the best traders we've ever met, he is also one of the most prolific editors on staff.
His flagship trading advisory, Stansberry Short Report, uses the same strategy Jeff has been using since 1987, when he was managing money for around 100 of California's wealthiest individuals.
Since this service's launch, subscribers have had the opportunity to make triple-digit gains over 50 times, and double-digit gains over 160 times. As a result of this incredible track record, we've received literally hundreds of positive e-mails from Stansberry Research Short Report subscribers.
Jeff is also the editor of the Stansberry Research Pro Trader, our most sophisticated options trading research service. The unique strategy used in this advisory letter is the way Jeff trades his own money. And it's also how he was able to retire when he was 42 years old. Used by the best institutional traders in the world, Jeff's Stansberry Research Pro Trader strategy allows you to potentially make money no matter what a stock does – whether it goes up, down, or just stays the same.
He is also the lead editor of Stansberry Research's free daily e-letter Growth Stock Wire, which provides a pre-market briefing on the best trading opportunities in the global markets.
Before joining Stansberry Research, Jeff was president and chief executive officer of an independent, San Francisco-based brokerage house and private money management firm. Jeff also served as a consultant to one of the country's largest options market-making firms, developed the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, and is the founder of an investor education firm.