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On Wednesday Night, Porter Stansberry, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, and special guest Dr. Richard Smith had the ultimate Bull vs Bear debate...

Who won? And where is the stock market headed from here?
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This limited time replay features the exact same charts, proprietary research, and no-holds-barred commentary that left viewers stunned and convinced of just ONE THING...

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Meet Brett Eversole

  • Lead Analyst for True WealthTrue Wealth Systems, and Stansberry's China Opportunities

Brett Eversole joined Stansberry Research in 2010. He worked alongside Steve Sjuggerud to develop True Wealth Systems. And he now works with Steve on True Wealth, True Wealth Systems, and Stansberry's China Opportunities.

Brett's background is in applied mathematics and statistics. His undergraduate degree is in Actuarial Science. And as an undergrad, he passed the first three exams for entrance into the Society of Actuaries, before focusing on finance at Stansberry Research.

His analytical and data knowledge make him the perfect complement to Steve Sjuggerud's financial prowess. He used those skills to help develop True Wealth Systems – one of Stansberry Research's most in-depth, data driver products.