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Meet Brian Hunt

  • Editor in Chief of Stansberry Research

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High Income Retirement


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Brian Hunt is the Editor in Chief of Stansberry Research.
Since 2007, he has managed dozens of Stansberry Research's investment newsletters and trading advisories, helping make Stansberry Research one of the largest financial publishers in the world.
Brian is a successful private trader and frequently contributes to Growth Stock WireDailyWealth, and the Stansberry Digest. He is the co-founder of DailyWealth Trader, one of the world's most popular and most highly regarded trading advisories.
Brian is the co-author of the book High Income Retirement: How to Generate 12%-20% Yields on Your Savings. He also produced the book The World's Greatest Investment Ideas: 31 Secrets and Strategies That Will Make You a World-Class Investor.
Below, you'll find some of Brian's educational interviews from The World's Greatest Investment Ideas series:
"Bad to Less Bad" Trading
Position Sizing
Picks and Shovels
Common Sense Technical Analysis