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Meet Brian Hunt

 Editor in Chief of Stansberry & Associates


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Brian Hunt is the Editor in Chief of Stansberry & Associates.
Since 2007, he has managed dozens of S&A's investment newsletters and trading advisories, helping make S&A one of the largest financial publishers in the world.
Brian is a successful private trader and frequently contributes to Growth Stock WireDailyWealth, and the S&A Digest. He is the co-founder of DailyWealth Trader, one of the world's most popular and most highly regarded trading advisories.
Brian is the co-author of the book High Income Retirement: How to Generate 12%-20% Yields on Your Savings. He also produced the book The World's Greatest Investment Ideas: 31 Secrets and Strategies That Will Make You a World-Class Investor.
Below, you'll find some of Brian's educational interviews from The World's Greatest Investment Ideas series:
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Position Sizing
Picks and Shovels
Common Sense Technical Analysis