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Meet Bryan Beach

  • Senior analyst for Stansberry's Investment Advisory

  • Co-editor of Stansberry Data

  • Host of Roundtable show on Stansberry Radio 

Bryan Beach is a former "Big Four" auditor and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Business and Accounting. He spent six years in public accounting, and then a number of years as a Controller and Director of publicly held software companies. He also ran his own accounting consulting practice.
Bryan's specialty is his unique ability to sift through SEC filings... finding both opportunities and red flags. His unique experience in both creating and auditing financial reports allows him to see things most investors miss.
Bryan is the lead analyst of our flagship product, Stansberry's Investment Advisory, and co-editor of Stansberry Data. He also hosts the popular Roundtable show on Stansberry Radio, and is a regular contributor to the Stansberry Digest.