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Meet Chris Mayer

•   Editor of investment advisories Capital & Crisis and Mayer's Special Situations
•   Author of Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets From a Former Banking Insider and World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents


Chris Mayer learned the art of valuing companies the hard way – through decades of work as a corporate banker. Today, he is the editor of investment advisories Capital & Crisis and Mayer's Special Situations.
He's an expert at finding "treasures" in a company's books... from undervalued assets to under-appreciated businesses, leading to outstanding returns for his subscribers.
Chris has been quoted over a dozen times by MarketWatch, and has spoken on Forbes on Fox. He has also spoken on CNN Radio and has made multiple CNBC appearances.
His essays have appeared on a number of Web sites and publications, including The Mises Institute, The Daily Reckoning, Grant's Investor, and Individual Investor Magazine. His views on financial matters have also been widely quoted, including in the highly regarded Grant's Interest Rate Observer.
Chris is the author of Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets from a Former Banking Insider and World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents.
A frequent world traveler, Chris has been everywhere from Chinese shopping malls to Indian hotels and from South African wine country to the souks of Dubai, looking for the best investment deals and hidden opportunities the average investor never hears about.