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Meet Mark Ford

  • Editor of The Palm Beach Letter and author of many New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers

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Mark Ford started his first business when he was 11 years old. In the decades since then, he's started literally hundreds more... many of which are now worth millions of dollars.
In 1982, Mark moved to Palm Beach County, FL and took a job with a small publishing company. He worked as an apprentice to a well-known businessman there. He helped that company grow to $135 million in annual revenues – becoming a multi-millionaire himself – and retired at age 39.
After a year of writing poetry, Mark became a consultant to the investment and health publishing industries. He was involved in the development of dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses, including one whose revenues exceeded the $400 million mark.
Mark grew up in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. He has a BA from Queens College, CUNY, a Master's Degree from the University of Michigan, and did PhD work at Catholic University. After college, Mark joined the Peace Corps and spent two years teaching students at the University of Chad in Africa.
He has also written a dozen books on entrepreneurship, personal productivity, and wealth building. Three of his books were New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers.
Today, Mark focuses on growing his investments and writing in The Palm Beach Letter.