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How to Read an Option Symbol

If you're new to option trading, all those digits in an option symbol can be intimidating. But don't worry, they're easy to decode. 

The Trailing Stop Strategy

Let's face it – most people don't know when to sell a falling stock.They're frozen into inactivity, saying, "Should I just keep holding and hoping, or should I cut my losses now?" This state of indecision is usually permanent and often continues until you hear this: "Well, it's too late to sell now." 

Anaconda Trading

In this interview, Dr. David Eifrig shares one of his favorite investment strategies... a "big" idea responsible for some of his most successful trades. 

“Bad to Less Bad” Trading

In this interview, Brian Hunt, former Editor in Chief of Stansberry Research, discusses one of the most powerful investment ideas... It's an idea he calls "the single greatest strategy on the planet." 

Selling Covered Calls

Former Stansberry Research editor and master trader Jeff Clark calls this idea "the single best income generating strategy ever created." 

Judging Investor Sentiment

The idea is a favorite of legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Jim Rogers, yet it's simple enough for a third grader to understand. 

Picks and Shovels

One of Brian Hunt's top ways to make to make huge returns in booming sectors or commodities is "picks and shovels"... a "sleep at night" way to profit from a bull market. 

Position Audit

In this interview, former Stansberry Research Editor in Chief Brian Hunt discusses "a little-known secret that virtually guarantees you'll make money in the market." 

Position Sizing

This is one of the most important ideas any investor can learn. It's an essential element of success for everyone, from the conservative novice investing for retirement to the professional short-term trader. 

Selling Puts

How safe is selling options? To discuss this idea, we sat down with Dr. David Eifrig, who has been showing readers of his Retirement Trader advisory how to use options to generate safe income. 

Short Selling

The first step to short selling, of course, is to know what you're doing. That's why we've interviewed former Stansberry Research editor and master trader Jeff Clark. 

Common Sense Technical Analysis

As the former Editor in Chief of Stansberry Research, Brian Hunt has reviewed just about every type of technical analysis out there. He's distilled this complex subject into a few important ideas that can be a valuable addition to any trader or investor's toolkit. 
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