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Secrets of Financial Insiders

The Nearly Infallible Cocktail-Party Indicator

Cocktail parties are where I learn where NOT to invest right now. They're the perfect "contrary" indicator. You can, and should, use the cocktail-party indicator to save your investments... 

What I Personally Use to Track My Investments

"How do you track your investments?" "You tell us to use "trailing stops"… but how do you track them?" I get asked these questions all of the time... 

How to Get a World-Class Investment Education

Over 99% of the investing books out there aren't worth the time it takes to read them. You want to build a foundation of basic stock market knowledge, but with tens of thousands of titles out there, where do you start? If you're someone that realizes the power of education, I've written this list for you... 

Worried About Investment Scams? Do These Three Simple Things

There are three parts to avoiding financial frauds... 

If You’re So Smart, Why Are You Writing a Newsletter?

This interview addresses one of the biggest concerns of new investment newsletter readers... and a question even longtime readers have likely wondered from time to time. 

Equity Steak

Please don't take the following personally. I'm only making a point... But let's face it... As an investor, you just aren't that important. 

The Biggest Lie in Investing… That You Actually Believe

You hear it all the time... but it's completely wrong. "Expert" after "expert" repeats this lie on the financial news. It sounds so right and sensible, it must be true. But it's completely false. 

The Negative Effect of Steve Sjuggerud

The next time you see a crazy-looking stock chart… a "hockey stick" chart that goes from flat to vertical… remember to check the scaling. Otherwise, it may not be telling you the truth. 

The Right Way to View “Annualized Gain” Claims

I frequently get questions on how people should view annualized returns. They can be badly misused and badly misunderstood. So why would an investor even care about them? 

Why I’ll Never Worry About What the Government’s Going to Do Next

To succeed in the stock market, you must believe that shopping trumps politics... 

The Ultimate Way to Protect Your Money in This Market

Investing is work. There is absolutely, positively, no way around it. And in the end, you are on your own as an investor. 

The Only Chance You’ve Got to Be a Successful Investor

I'm going to tell you an unpleasant truth... Most of you reading this will not make money with your investments this year... 

What You NEED to Know to Be a Successful Investor

These are helpful basics for beginning and seasoned investors... They're a great reminder about the most important things to understand when it comes to ­­­the market. 

A Timeless Lesson on Investing With the Government

Sometime in the past decade, Americans who should know better embraced a horrible investment idea... 

Why Your Broker Knowingly Gets You Into Losing Trades

Buying stocks with high ratings from lots of Wall Street analysts should be nicknamed, "Getting in way too late"... or "Holding the bag." 
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