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Timeless Wealth Ideas

It’s All About the Price You Pay… a Timeless Lesson on Buying Investments

If you want to be successful in stocks, there's one simple thing you have to do – focus on the price you pay. Buy at bargain prices. It sounds simple. But most people can't bring themselves to do it. 

Teach Your Children to Be Millionaires by the Time They’re 40 Years Old

What will I tell my children about becoming independently wealthy by the time they're 40? 

The Biggest Lie: “It Takes Money to Make Money”

To me, this little phrase is one of the biggest and most dangerous lies out there... It is a convenient excuse to simply not try to succeed. 

Why We Prefer Investing to Speculating

At Stansberry Research, we prefer to be investors more than speculators. We prefer recommending businesses we know a lot about, whose value we can accurately and confidently ascertain. 

Is That a Legitimate Shot at a 200% Gain? Or Just a Headache?

The best investors and businessmen I know have a remarkable ability to say "no" to many likely profitable ideas, simply because they're not worth the headache. 

How to Be Dramatically More Productive, Successful, and Wealthy

The "Sjuggerud Advantage" is a major secret to my life's success. 

How to Become Friends with Your Heroes

I've gotten to meet and work with many of my heroes. And the truth is, it's not luck or good fortune. There's a secret to doing what I do. 

Why College Is a Waste of Time and Money

I have two young boys at home. When they're approaching the end of their high-school careers, I'm going to suggest they take the first year after high school to travel and work several part-time jobs wherever they go. 

The 5 Keys to Finding the “Perfect” Investment

Obviously, perfection doesn't exist in the investment world. But if you want the greatest possible success as an investor, you must know what perfection would be if it did exist and where you'd be most likely to find it. 

Poor Henry: One Man's Devastating Loss… and How to Avoid It Yourself

Many investors make the same mistakes over and over again. If you're one of them, wise up and walk away. And before you come back, make sure you learn the game you're playing. 

What’s the Point of Investing?

I don't have an iPhone... or a blingy Suburban... But I probably have one thing most conspicuous consumers don't: The house I live in is fully paid for. 

The “Three-Bucket System” for Managing Money

Mark Ford describes the money-management system he's used to generate more than $50 million in wealth. 

Seven Secrets from the Smartest Businessman I Know

My boss is the smartest guy I know... I'm not just saying it because he signs my paychecks. Seriously, I mean it. He does things most bosses don't do. It's made him a wealthy man. 

Never Retire

Instead of retiring and giving up all of your "active" income... and then taking big risks to increase your nest egg, consider Mark Ford's unconventional "never retire" idea. 

If You’re So Rich, Why Do You Still Work?

I have a few friends who have more wealth than they could ever need or spend. These guys are at retirement age or older... But for some reason, they work harder than just about anyone else I know... 

How to Get a Raise at Work

A self-made millionaire, Mark Ford knows all the tricks in the book for getting rich. 

Asset Allocation

This idea is responsible for some of the greatest investment fortunes in history... It's the most important factor in your success as an investor. 
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