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$200 billion will soon flow into Chinese stocks

May 26, 2015
On June 9, MSCI – the world's leading provider of global stock market indexes – will announce whether or not China will be included in its Emerging Markets Index (EM). In an interview with Forbes on this topic, Stansberry Research Editor Steve Sjuggerud said, "Once the A-shares are included it means more liquidity from institutional…
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Why investors can’t ignore China as a portfolio investment

May 26, 2015
In an interview with Forbes, True Wealth Editor Steve Sjuggerud recommends two ways to make money in the Chinese markets.  "I've been recommending the ASHR ETF to my clients for about a year. This is exactly where the money is going to flow" as China opens up its markets to foreign investors, Steve explained. "It's…
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Steve Sjuggerud has been “1,000% right” about China, says Claman

May 5, 2015
It has been a fantastic run in China, Stansberry Editor Steve Sjuggerud tells Liz Claman of Fox Business News. A year ago, "China was cheap, hated, and it had started an uptrend, and I got excited about it." Today, Chinese stocks are up 100%. Most investors take profits after such a strong rally. But Steve…
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Jeff Clark: “Markets are overdue for a correction.”

May 5, 2015
In an interview with MarketWatch, Stansberry Short Report Editor Jeff Clark gives his insight on the recent selloff in U.S. stocks. "There is more downside momentum, which usually precedes a correction. Markets are overdue for a correction and this one is going to be a harsh one. I would not be surprised to see a 15%-20%…
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Steve Sjuggerud on how to invest in China’s economy

April 30, 2015
"Some China stock funds hold shares in Chinese companies that are traded on both on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges," Stansberry Research Editor Steve Sjuggerud tells U.S. News & World Report. This indicates that "those companies want the high standard of accountability required by the Hong Kong exchange." Steve adds, "One way to size…
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Kim Iskyan: How to invest in out-of-favor markets

April 29, 2015
Stansberry Research Emerging Markets Strategist Kim Iskyan joins Malaysian radio station BFM 89.9 "Market Watch" to discuss the opportunities he sees in two frontier markets: Iran and Mongolia. Kim shares a few specific investment ideas that offer the potential for big returns. He also lays out guidelines that can help investors manage the risks. To…
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