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Kim Iskyan on FBN discussing investing in frontier markets

April 21, 2015
With U.S. stocks at record highs, where should investors look for the best moneymaking opportunities? Stansberry Research Emerging Markets Strategist Kim Iskyan says to consider specific markets in the frontier sector. In an interview with Fox Business News, Kim identifies two countries that offer some of the greatest value in today's global market. "You don't…
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Steve Sjuggerud comments on the bull market in China

April 16, 2015
Internet stocks just closed out a 10-day win streak, bringing the Nasdaq Composite Index within striking distance of its dot-com-era all-time high. What's powering the rally? Stansberry Research Editor Steve Sjuggerud says it's all thanks to China. "It's a dot-com style bull market in China," he told Bloomberg by phone. "The Chinese are in a…
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Jeff Clark quoted in Reuters: Recent earnings reports boost stocks

April 15, 2015
Stocks climbed higher as investors responded to better-than-expected earnings announcements from major companies. Stansberry Research Editor Jeff Clark told Tanya Agrawal of Reuters, "The positive results from Intel and other companies have allowed the markets to breathe a sigh of relief since the reports haven't been a complete disaster." Jeff is the editor of the Stansberry Short…
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Steve Sjuggerud on Bloomberg Radio discussing the recent surge in Hong Kong stocks

April 10, 2015
Despite a 12% rally over the last month, "Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks are still incredibly cheap," Stansberry Research editor Steve Sjuggerud told Bloomberg radio listeners during an interview with "Taking Stock" hosts Carol Massar and Mike McKee. "I would rather be long for another 20% rise from here before I take money off the table."…
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CNBC quotes Jeff Clark on today’s market rally

March 26, 2015
CNBC's Evelyn Cheng quoted Stansberry Research Editor Jeff Clark in her article on today's market rally. Stocks traded higher, breaking a three-day losing streak. "If the market can turn around here and turn positive on the day, then there's likely enough pent-up buying pressure to push the S&P back up toward the 2,073 level (which…
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Steve Sjuggerud on FBN discussing where investors are putting their money amid this selloff

March 12, 2015
As volatility rises, and pressure on U.S. stocks intensifies… where are smart investors putting their money? "Look to Hong Kong," says Stansberry Research editor, Steve Sjuggerud, in an interview with Fox Business News. Chinese stocks that trade in Hong Kong offer a similar opportunity to the U.S. real estate market of four years ago…. "You…
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