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Retirement Trader


Retirement Trader is run by Dr. David Eifrig, a former Wall Street trader who worked for a decade at three of the world's wealthiest banks: Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, and Japanese investment bank Yamaichi.

During those years, Dr. Eifrig discovered a trading secret that comes as close to perfect as anything we've seen in this business – a way of producing $1,290 or more in your brokerage account, in the space of just a few minutes, by using an approach that 99% of investors never hear about.

In fact, this strategy is so safe, it's often used by retirees – the kind of folks who can't afford to lose a penny. We've even had stay-at-home mothers doing this (one told us she made over $9,000 in about a month).

As subscriber Mike McMillan from Chicago said, "I started following Retirement Trader just about a year ago. I have had 40+ straight winners, and NO losers." It currently has the greatest trading streak we've ever seen.

And as Porter Stansberry wrote of Retirement Trader, "[It] has established what I believe is the best trading track record in the history of the newsletter industry."

Twice a month in Retirement Trader, you'll have the opportunity to start safely doubling or tripling the gains you'd normally make in your retirement account, with much less risk. Once you see how simple this strategy is, you'll never look at stocks and options the same way again.

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