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S&A Pro Trader

S&A Pro Trader is the most sophisticated trading research service S&A has ever produced.
The unique strategy behind this service is the way S&A Pro Trader editor Jeff Clark trades his own money, almost every day the markets are open.
Here's what Jeff said about it: "If you'd like to learn how I was able to retire when I was 42 years old, you need to learn this strategy."
In short, the most powerful thing about Jeff's S&A Pro Trader strategy is that it can allow you to make money no matter what a stock does – whether it goes up, down, or just stays the same.
It's a sophisticated options secret, used by the best institutional traders in the world – and it's not about taking huge risks for big returns. Rather, it's for those traders who want to control their risk and increase their probability of success.
S&A Pro Trader is not for everyone. But if you're interested to learn what the richest and most successful traders in the world do with their money – and you have at least $25,000 in a margin account – this is the trading service for you.
The S&A Pro Trader is published on the fourth Thursday of every month.

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Issues are published the fourth Thursday of every month