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Who won? And where is the stock market headed from here?
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Extreme Value

Extreme Value analyst Dan Ferris' strategy of buying safe, cheap stocks – only when the price is right – has earned him one of the most impressive track records in the industry.

In fact, many well-known money managers follow Dan's recommendations. And his work has been covered extensively in Barron's and other respected news outlets.

Why does Dan have such a great track record? Because he spends hundreds of hours each month poring over balance sheets and SEC filings to find stocks trading at huge discounts to their true worth – giving his readers a large margin of safety.

Not only are Extreme Value stocks safe, they are also one of the most profitable ways to invest. In a 27-year study by two University of Chicago professors (one of whom was nominated for a Nobel Prize), the Extreme Value strategy trounced the overall market.

Since Extreme Value launched in 2001, Dan's readers have had the opportunity to make incredible gains in these kinds of super-safe stocks, including 414% on Prestige Brands Holdings... 239% on International Royalty... 201% on Alexander Baldwin... 172% on Altria Group... and 104% on Portfolio Recovery Associates, to name a few.

Extreme Value, published on the second Friday of every month, uses the classic value-investing philosophy to help you make some of the biggest, safest long-term gains you'll ever find in the stock market.

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