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Income Intelligence


Income Intelligence is written by Dr. David Eifrig, a former Wall Street trader who worked for a decade at three of the world's wealthiest banks: Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan, and Japanese investment bank Yamaichi.

After years on Wall Street, Dr. Eifrig used his savings to fund his first "semi-retirement," using his experience and financial acumen to seek out ways to generate safe income from savings.

The lessons learned over those decades have helped to form Income Intelligence, a full-service approach to income investing that covers stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

Dr. Eifrig determines what assets to buy and when, as well as institutional-quality research on the single best opportunity in each and every income market. With these techniques, the outcome is remarkably safe investments with near-double-digit yields.

Income Intelligence is designed for investors of every level, with simple explanations and investments that are easy to make in any brokerage account.

As subscriber John P. from Chicago said, "This is exactly the focus that I need for the portion of my portfolio that I rely on to provide a continuing stream of income."

Once a month in Income Intelligence, you'll have the opportunity to earn high yields on safe investments and understand all the financial forces affecting your income.

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Publishing Schedule

Issues are published the third Thursday of each month.