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Stansberry Research Pro Trader

Stansberry Research Pro Trader editor Jeff Clark is the only trader we know who consistently makes money trading options.

Before joining Stansberry Research, Jeff spent 20 years as a professional trader for his own independent brokerage house in San Francisco. His client list was small and exclusive – fewer than 100 of California's wealthiest individuals.

In 2004, Jeff retired wealthy from professional money management. But he wanted to continue his trading research. Stansberry Research agreed to publish his best ideas exclusively – one of the smartest moves we've ever made.

The gains he has made for his Stansberry Research Pro Trader subscribers over the years have been simply incredible. We've received thousands of e-mails and letters about Jeff's work.

As subscriber Tim Jacobs of New York tells us, "It's like having a cash register."

When you join Stansberry Research Pro Trader, you'll receive an e-mail alert each Tuesday morning, directly from Jeff.

You'll also have access to Jeff Clark's daily blog. We call it the Direct Line because it connects Jeff directly to his readers at any minute of the day. Jeff posts market commentary on the Direct Line almost every day the market is open.

In Jeff's weekly recommendation, he'll give you the full details on exactly what to buy... and when to pull the trigger. You'll receive e-mail updates as necessary. And Jeff will let you know exactly when to lock in your gains... when to add to your position... and when to exit.

In the past, just one or two of Jeff's trades have made your portfolio for the entire year.

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