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Stansberry Venture Technology

Stansberry Venture is a monthly research advisory that gives subscribers access to venture capital-like opportunities in the stock market.
Editor Dave Lashmet looks for investments similar to the type available to the largest venture-capital firms, which make billions of dollars in profits by funding companies like Facebook and Twitter in their infancy…
Except in Stansberry Venture, Dave scours the public markets for little-known, small-cap companies that are producing the next wonder drug or technology. And you can access these opportunities even if you're not a millionaire or a venture capitalist.
Dave is the perfect man to head up this effort. He is extremely plugged in to the technology and biotech sector. He's an inventor with three active patents. He has developed, packaged, and sold his ideas to one of the largest consumer-electronics firms in the world.
He has also spent the last 20 years working as an independent technology analyst, and close to a decade researching and writing about technology at five major universities.
Dave is one of the first employees Porter hired after launching Stansberry Research in August 1999.
In seven years between 1999 and 2006, David covered some of the most important technological innovations in history. Notably, his ID Biomedical recommendation returned 322% for subscribers... It's still one of the 10 best-returning positions ever recommended in our company's history. (You'll find it listed in the Hall of Fame published at the end of every issue of our daily e-letter, the Stansberry Digest.)
He also did extensive early-stage research into groundbreaking tech (and medical tech) firms, including Intuitive Surgical, Autonomy (bought by HP), and Illumina. If you look up these stocks, you'll see that they eventually went up hundreds of percent, and in some cases thousands, after he wrote about them.
And in Stansberry Venture, Dave is searching for the smallest and most promising firms out there… ones you'd likely never hear about (that is, until they get acquired). The goal is for subscribers to make five or 10 times their money on these speculations.
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Publishes on the third Wednesday of every month.