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Stansberry’s Big Trade

Stansberry’s Big Trade isn’t like our other products. It isn’t about investing
at all. This new service is all about speculating. That means that we attempt to
profit from market extremes.

Manias like the real estate bubble pop up when the government meddles in
the markets. And another one is happening under the radar NOW... this time
with car loans, student lending, and corporate debt.

We can’t know exactly when this bubble will burst. But we believe the end of
the current debt mania will cause a crash in the stock market. Lots of investors
will be devastated by the fallout... But you don’t have to be one of them.

We use an options-trading strategy that we’ve called the “Big Trade.” We buy
long-term, out-of-the-money puts on stocks that we expect to fall significantly
in the next few years. Our positions rise as these companies fall, and we sell our
puts back into the market for a profit.

Traders require approval from their brokers to trade options. Most
brokerages have prerequisites to make trades like this. We know this service
isn’t for everyone.

We have built this service for subscribers who are comfortable with risk. You
must be willing to make speculative bets. If you’re prepared, triple-digit gains
are possible.

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