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Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities

Stansberry's Credit Opportunities is Porter's advanced research service designed to find the best investment opportunities in the distressed corporate bond market. The goal is to find bonds that yield between 10%-20% annually and have the potential to earn subscribers 50%-100% capital gains at maturity.

Porter and his team look for two major things in Stansberry's Credit Opportunities investment: safety and a high potential return. They use bonds to find them.

In short, buying bonds for pennies on the dollar is the absolute best way to make a fortune in the markets.

As a bondholder, you are simply loaning money at a set rate for a predetermined period of time. As long as the bond issuer doesn't default, you are entitled to receive the par value of the bond at maturity, plus interest payments.

As bondholders, you don't have to guess who has the best widget or which style of clothing people will like from year to year. You just loan money. You simply have to tear through a company's books and determine if it can pay you off in the time period your bonds are "in play."

Bond investing requires a little extra work to place a trade. And you must be patient. But the rewards can be outstanding. You can make high double and triple-digit returns without having to worry about what the overall stock market is doing. You know exactly when you'll get paid and what the exact returns will be. Once you understand the strategy and have invested this way for a while, you may never buy a stock again.

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