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Should You Be Afraid of a Bear Market?

Alex Green | April 29, 2016

Many stock market investors loathe the thought of the next bear market. Most of them shouldn't. But a few of them should. Here's why...  

How to Get Paid to Eat Potato Chips, Watch TV, and More

Dr. David Eifrig | April 29, 2016

I love sharing unique ways to save money and make some extra cash on the side… Here’s one of my favorite ways, which I recently shared with my Retirement Millionaire subscribers…  

Venezuela Doesn’t Have Enough Money… To PRINT MONEY

Steve Sjuggerud | April 28, 2016

You know the old joke about the worthless currency, right? "The guy with the wheelbarrow full of money was robbed. They stole the wheelbarrow and left the money..."